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The Roaming Petal

We believe that playing with flowers shouldn't just be for florists. Everyone should be able to enjoy picking flowers and arranging them surrounded by your family and friends. Our mission is to bring flowers to you and show you that anyone can create a beautiful arrangement that will bring a smile to your face and others. 



Owner of The Roaming Petal 


My journey with flowers started from a young age when like most young girls I would go outside pick weeds and arrange them in vases around my house. As I grew I always loved to create arts and crafts and to this day love a good diy project. However, when deciding to enter the "real world" I choose to become a graphic designer. I thought this was a great way to express myself creatively and still make decent money. After 5 years in the design world working at advertising agencies, design studios and running my own design company I realized I was desperately missing creating physical pieces of art. 


I decided I was at a block in my career with what I wanted to do, so like most logical people I jumped on a plane and headed to Bali to figure things out. Well boom I was there for 4 months and while exploring the beautiful island of the gods I rediscovered my passion for flowers and realized this is what I was meant to do. 

However, I didn't just want to be a florist, but I wanted to teach others how to arrange flowers and bring them the same joy that it brings me. So low and behold The Roaming Petal was born. And here we are today bringing floral workshops to people homes and events and I couldn't be happier. 

I am so honored that you’re here, and I simply cannot wait to meet you! 

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